How to Modify Wigs

I’ll be building this page over time with info for modifying wigs.

There are a number of things you can do with synthetic wigs using boiling water and steam.

Steam from a hand held steamer is not hot enough.  You need either a free standing clothing steamer, or wet towls and an iron.

To create an up-do or to straighten a curly wig, put on a styrofoam head.  Put the head on a tripod stand.  Put the stand it the tub.  Pour boiling water over it.  For an updo, hand it upside down.

To dread a wig.  Separate out a section with a comb, then tease, or backcomb it until it sticks out straight.  wet your palms, and rub the section while moving hands down the column of hair.  Then twist and twist.  When it is as tight as you want it, steam into place.  You can also clip the end with a clip to hold, put inbetween wet towels and use an iron.

Don’t ever use a straight iron, you will melt the hair.