Meet Our Team

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Who’s answering your email? Who’s packing your box? Who’s taking the pictures, who’s taking out the recycling?
In our constant attempt to set ourselves ahead and apart from the copycat company in India, we present to you our very diverse, yet all American team of employees, offspring, contributors and co-conspiritors in the hopes that we can pass along the underpaid talents we associate with to admirers and potential additional employers.
For your Captain, see the “About Us” page.

Photography by our dear “Spott” (written by Spott)

By the time you have navigated to this page you have already seen my work. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me & my photography. Being the photographer for Captain Shayna and the dresslikeapirate crew has been a great adventure since the first voyage (photoshoot) in 2009. Every photoshoot is always unique with the great models showing off outstanding products while we all have a good time making the great images you see on – – . When Shayna has new products we coordinate with models & my on the spot studio sets up on Shaynas’ ship. –
I have been very thankful to Caption Shayna over the years for how we have helped each other. The opportunity to hone my catalog photography skills has been as good for me as the images themselves are for all the dresslikeapirate customers. –
I often get asked, “Are you a pro photographer?” To which I reply, “That depends on how you define pro.” I do photography because it is in my blood (Thank You Grandpa), because I enjoy it and because I am proud of most of my results. If that qualifies me for the title of “Professional Photographer” then so be it. My personal opinion is that i am not a pro. I am a damn good amateur working on finding that elusive balance between passion & profession. I do not earn my living with my camera & am wary of my passion devolving into just a job. –
My favorite type of photography is studio catalog photography. Either in the full studio on location or on my tabletop studio. For some reason the technical aspects of product photography really appeal to me more than any other type. Very rarely will I do portraits, landscape / nature even less and weddings only for friends / family. My goal is to earn the credibility to be a trusted product photographer. If you have a product line you want better images of, please take a moment to look at what I can do for you. (Most often I prefer to work on a barter system.) –
Thank You
Spott the Photographer

Tim (The Wasband), Shipping Dept.
Max (Maxwell Daring) – Resident Steampunk, clutter assistant and offspring.
Models: –
Christelle Morgan – Photography by Christelle
Bevin Victoria – Hybrid Bellydance
Vermina Smith – Goth & Lolita Model
Nate Raynes – Musician
Scott Fink – Portland Steampunk Society
Tabitha Teo – Gamer, Fangirl, Dr. Wholette.