Wholesale Inquiries

Thank you for enquiring about our newly reborn wholesale department.  Please bear with us as we slowly add the items you want most in the quantities that will sustain regular large productions.  Here are the requirements and policies:

You must be a reseller with the appropriate ID numbers. You must be brick and mortar or event/festival vend related, not an online seller.

We will be offering, for the most part, the labels that we keep production control over, the Dresslikeapirate.com brand and the Pro Series Pre Shrunk Cotton, grown in the USA, woven and sewn in Ecuador, garment dyed with no metal hardware.  We also will, when we can, offer from other small production houses.  Brands like Punk Rave and Burleska, who also run their own factories, allow me to order pre-productions, of the items they offer that most suit our audience.  There are also one time special buys, end of runs, overstock colors/sizes that will show up as well.

We will not be offering accessories like boots and hats or weaponry or gifts.

Once you’ve filled out the form and have been approved, you’ll get your login switched over, and the wholesale category will be accessible.  The first order minimum is 500.00.  After that, each subsequent order minimum is 300.

Wholesaler Application

Send us this form to inquire about getting wholesale access to https://node284.myfcloud.com/~dresslikeapirate
  • Faire Vendor? Brick & Mortar? Wardrobe Mistress? Etc.
  • Please list at least 2 vendors in related industry from whom you purchase:
  • Date
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  • I certify that all statements made by me in this application are correct to my knowledge. I authorize Dresslikeapirate.com to verify the information provided. I acknowledge and will do business in accordance with Dresslikeapirate.com’s policies:
  • Enter your full name
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