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Dress Like a Pirate
Pirate, Steampunk, Gypsy, Wench, Victorian, Dickens & Renaissance Re-enactment quality clothing costumes, jewelry, weapons, pewterware, gifts.Find everything you need whether you are an SCA historical re-enactor, Civil War re-enactor, Pirate Performer, Airship Pirate or Renaissance Faire Player, Rock Star, Glamster, Gothster, & Parrot head. Every-Day Pirates, One Time Pirates, Fire Poi Spinners, Black Powder Specialists, Vampires and sluts, everyone who plays their true selves from time to time. We work with Theater Groups, School Stage Productions, Theme Weddings, Pirate Museums, Bands, Backstage Artist Lounge for Wardrobe, Pirates of the Caribbean Interactive Groups, Renaissance Faire, Boarding Parties, Pirate Festivals and Buccaneer Days!

Many pieces can interchange centuries from Medieval to Renaissance to Golden Age of Piracy, French Court, Colonial, Regency, Victorian, Dickens and utter, complete Fantasy. Red Velvet Frock Coats, Top Hats! Crushed Velvet and Gold Coins, Chest Ruffles! It’s a whole new world of Pirate Clothing for the 21st Century. Wench Garb, Gypsy Jewels, Frock Coats, Velvet Vests, Pirate Shirts, Lace Jabots, Harem Pants, Pirate Boots, Bellydance Wear, Leather Belts, Bodices, Gypsy Skirts, Tricorn/Bicorn Pirate Hats, Eye Patches, Leather Waist Cinchers, Solid Pewter Barware, Treasure Chests, Grogware, Silver Jewelry, Sequined, Beaded & Jingle Coin decorated Club Gear, Serious Plunder, Weapons, Tableware, Music & Books.